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Witkamp supplies a comprehensive range of fruit and vegetables, with an emphasis on the greenhouse vegetables that are typical to the Westland region: tomatoes and cucumbers. There's a reason these vegetable fruits are given a prominent position on every supermarket shelf. This is also why we invest in your continuity: with a regular group of tomato and cucumber growers that are able to guarantee a sufficient quantity of fresh produce 12 months a year.

Witkamp’s greatest strength is in day trading. We are continually looking for consignments that are of interest to our customers. As a result, we provide a wide product range whose composition varies on an almost daily basis. Thanks to an extensive international network of exporters, we handle a varying diversity of products, each and every day, consisting not only conventional fruits and vegetables but also specials and exotic products. This makes Witkamp an impressive partner, each and every day.

We also cover a wide range in terms of quality: from the mid-segment to premium products. Our offer is perfectly aligned to your wishes as our customer, regardless of whether you are a supermarket or a wholesaler in the higher segment. We showcase our best-quality products under our own brands like Victory, Joe, Jackpot, and Class 1, each of which is an icon for perfection. Thanks to our strict internal quality control process, we can be confident that our products satisfy our highest standards.

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