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Future. Opportunities. Certainty.

Are you interested in a job with good prospects for the future? At Witkamp, we work on this every day – on this healthy future. Not only for our customers but also for our employees. We have a permanent team of employees who can totally rely on one another. Working together, we ensure that hundreds of orders leave our premises perfectly every day. If you think you would fit into this team, we will be happy to meet you.

We don’t consider diplomas to be the most important thing. What we do find important is that you will feel at home in an environment where no two minutes are the same. And that you do not simply wait and see but take the initiative and don’t shirk from a little responsibility. If this sounds like you, we will find a job that suits you. You can count on working in an environment with a highly supportive team with a mix of ambition and experience. You can be assured of getting plenty of opportunities. Knowing so many of your future employees have stayed on with us so long is proof of the fact that it's great to work at Witkamp!

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