The ‘Finest’ in house brands

Quality deserves recognition. This is why we supply products under our own label. With brands like Victory, Jackpot, Rembrandt, and Joe we give our best tomatoes the attention they deserve, all the way from our vine tomatoes up to and including our miniature plum tomatoes. Cucumbers in the highest segment are given the Class 1 hallmark. Choosing these brands means choosing certainty – each and every day.

Procuring the ‘Finest’ from the source

The number of links in the supply chain determines the freshness of a product. This is why Witkamp is always close to the source. We procure our Dutch vegetable fruits, like tomatoes and cucumbers, from growers who produce these exclusively for us. We also enjoy close contact with various growers of other products. Our purchasers source the fruits and vegetables we distribute from all corners of the globe. We have an immense international network. And with ABC Westland in Poeldijk – the ‘home of fresh’ – as our surrounding area, we can source many products directly from exporters.

The ‘Finest’ in people

Despite modern technology and communication methods, it is our people who determine the success of our organization. People who put in a great deal of effort, each and every day, into maintaining healthy business relationships. Witkamp employs about 30 people just like this, all of whom are happy to be of assistance to you. Our employees have fulfilled a diversity of job titles and have the experience that goes with that. Each is also 100% committed, expert, and customer-oriented. Our own suppliers are just as dedicated: these are growers and cooperatives who know exactly what it takes to grow top-quality products. Our shipping companies are no less important. Witkamp makes use of a fixed group of hauliers who are thoroughly familiar with conditioned transport to the countries surrounding the Netherlands.

The ‘Finest’ in certification

Trading in fruit and vegetables requires optimum security. Having obtained all typical certificates in the fresh produce sector, this is precisely what Witkamp offers. We are BRS and QS certified, for example. All the fruits and vegetables we trade in satisfy the standards of the Global Gap certificate. Not only that, our products are more and more frequently procured from PlanetProof-certified growers, to whom sustainability and corporate social responsibility are of paramount importance.

For retailers imposing additional requirements, we take it even one step further. Orders dispatched by air are placed in the reliable hands of certified air cargo staff. Internal quality control at Witkamp is very strict. This is handled by an experienced team composed of a quality manager and a number of inspectors.

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