Time. Transport. Timing.

The fresh produce sector is primarily a logistics sector. Do you have any idea of what it takes to ensure that vine tomatoes harvested early in the morning ready to be sold at a shop the UK only 24 hours later? Witkamp knows this like no other. This requires perfect control over every link in the chain, up-to-date automation, and a perfectly attuned team, both within and outside of Witkamp. These are the absolute requirement for the huge challenge that is logistics. There is no time to lose, particularly when you are active in the day trade profession.

This is why Witkamp is in perfect control, every minute of the day, from the moment that the products enter our shed until the minute an order leaves our premises. It is a continually ongoing process in Poeldijk, seven days a week. Executed by employees who have been trained to do this and understand that fresh is only fresh if every link of the logistics chain is perfectly under control.

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