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We are Witkamp: Champions in the field of fresh produce. Top-class athletes in the field of logistics. And brainstorming partners in customer relations. Supported by our comprehensive team, we are ready every day to ensure distributors throughout Europe benefit from the most delicious fruits and vegetables. A product range that is refreshingly different, every single day, with reliable service as a constant factor.

Our core values.


Witkamp is a specialist in the day trade. This means that we trade in fruits and vegetables that were procured on the same day, and for which we see opportunities for you as a distributor, from wholesaler to supermarket. Our comprehensive business operations are directed at guiding this trade as quickly and efficiently as possible throughout the entire process. As a day trader, it goes without saying that we keep our eyes wide open in order to meet the demands of our customers. In addition to pure commerce, we are interested in entering into long-term partnerships with our customers. Thanks to our economies of scale, we can always guarantee a continuous supply of major products – with a particular focus on the vegetable fruits grown in the Westland area.

The importance of the source.

Witkamp always has the majority of its extensive range of fruits and vegetables in stock. As a specialist in day trade, we keep a sharp eye on interesting consignments, but never forget to ensure that we have the fast-movers on the supermarket shelves in stock. We have always been very strong in the vegetable segment, with a particular focus on tomatoes and cucumbers. In addition to this, you will find a wide variety of other products at Witkamp that includes fruits and vegetables alongside exotics, specialities, and novelties. We are happy to be of service to you in every quality class. Are you looking for special consignment? Thanks to our extensive international network, we know precisely where to procure it!

The importance of the source.

Witkamp enjoys close contact with the people who grow our products. Many of them are located in our own surrounding area, the Westland area. As a result, we can procure a large portion of our product range from growers in the direct vicinity. We also enjoy close contact with other growers. Being located at ABC Westland, we can quickly respond to exporters of a wide range of other products. Our location – at only a 30-minute drive from the ports of Rotterdam – is also highly efficient for transporting fruits and vegetables imported from overseas. This means that lines at Witkamp are always shorter than short.

The importance of the source.


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Our core values

What’s fresh has to stay fresh. This is Witkamp’s philosophy in a nutshell, and why we do everything we can to get fruits and vegetables to your shelves via the shortest route possible. This requires creativity: to bring buyers and sellers together. This requires expertise: to make a correct assessment of the current market demand And it requires a logistics network that never loses time, whether in Europe or beyond. Witkamp has all of this perfectly under control.


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